Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fiber on the Farm

So how did the fiber fair that our 2nd Monday weavers group sponsored, turn out? Well, first we froze our butts off; oh wait that was last. First Elin and her husband Bob agreed to host the fair at what I consider the most beautiful ridge top farm around. Then we were fortunate in having a masterful organizer like Denise who managed to pull it all together in a very short time span.
There was everything from a fleece skirting demo table, a display of heritage sheep fleeces to hands on apple carving and a trellis loom for the young and old to give weaving with natural objects, a try. Along with our 11 vendor, Olga, Jan and Judith organized a display area featuring the woven and knitted items of our fiber group. Judith's beautifully written poem put into words some of why the fiber arts are an important part of our lives.
Elin's natural dye workshop and Bonnie's Sheep Raising 101 were both well attended. I wish I had been able to join in, but I was busy introducing a few lovely ladies into the world of spinning and hopefully gave intermediate spinner Jessie some help with improving her long draw technique. For me spinning is one of the most relaxing and magical of the fiber arts. You handle every fiber that goes into the creation of a thread, that becomes a yarn, that can turn into a woven or knitted garment, that wraps you or someone you love in wooly warmth. Of course as beginners, that thread concept takes awhile to achieve. At first it is more like you are trying to shove a sheep through a really tiny hole. Not so relaxing. However lumpy, bumpy, crazy over twisted energized beginner yarns are some of the most beautiful and are rightly cherished. Paitence grasshopper, it eventually gets easier.
For me personally, my expectations for this fair were, to have a fun day with our fiber group and share my love of spinning with some fellow fiberholics. However despite the blustery cold day, people actually came to share our fiber adventers in ELin and Bob's cozy barn. So hopefully, as our group inspires our creativity with each other; we were able to share a bit about why the fiber arts are important to us. Until next year????
Elin's dye studio

Elin's handwovens and yarns
Char at her great wheel/my spinning class/Judith's poem

Elin/Denise and Jan/Kris and Bonnie

Jaali/ Phyllis and Carolyn
Kris's felting
chars booth
Katherine and cutie
My booth

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Driftless Area Art Fair

This year's fair was a whirlwind of...well...wind, lots of great music, food and the best part, great people. Both friends, returning customers and fellow artists whose works never fail to inspire. It's probably good that I didn't have much time to walk around, at least from my pocketbooks standpoint.
My booth
Alpaca, wool, cashmere cowl
People watching while I spin
One of my favorite artists; fellow Viva member, Mark Herrling

Another incredible artists meal Saturday night


Kids art

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

sheep rule

The true stars of the fair
Lots of Habu in my booth
Great restraurant in Whitewater
My artful friend Nan
Three bags full. At the silent auction. Only two came home with me.

getting her sheep show ready
This years WI Sheep and Wool festival once again was three++days of sheepy goodness, full of yarn and fiber in every color possible! lots of customers; new and returning( thank you, thank you!), all in all another great fiber adventure, under the belt. Thanks Nan for helping to man the booth and making the whole weekend a lot more fun. Till next year.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

off to the fair

So finally the dyeing is done, the truck was packed and I was on my way to the fair. The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI. And then I turned around to go back for the sweater I had just finished the night before. Good thing I did, cause I found the three other things I had also forgotten.

So before, I get into taking all of the cool sheepy and fiber picstomorrow; I thought I would share some of the before pics.

Yarn color naming is always a fun part of the process and this year my favorite was zombie apocalypse. I do love me some zombies!

Zombie apocalypse on the skein winder with hello bunny. That just cracks me up.
The blue yarns are from the same dye pot/ 2 different yarn bases/also went all Jackson Pollock on some yarn.
Three of the same color way. The back skein has not been reskeined.
Some new fiber cards from my photos
Favorite new yarn bases

More new cards


Saturday, August 2, 2014

porch time at Barb's

It wouldn't be summer, without a lazy day, sitting on the porch at Barb and Harry's home; which is exactly what our weavers group did for our 2nd Monday gathering. Lots of projects to share, laughter and of course great food. Barb is as inspired of a cook as she is a weaver. I'm still trying to recreate the ricotta zucchini pizza that was so memorable.

Is that cat winking at me?/ Denise weaving on the porch
And what would summer be without a jaw dropping tour of Harry's garden. From the endless row of tomatoes supported by recycled walkers, to the beautiful white cucumbers I gladly brought home, it is wonderment to me. Suffice it to say that my gardens at home do not compare. It is always good to have goals to aspire towards.

Susan's curtains and square scarf in Swedish lace
This is Denise modeling my collapse weave scarf in tencel and bamboo and the shawlette Bolt knit with my hand dyed Bambino yarn. Anna is trying on one of Susan's,of Avalanche Looms, square Swedish lace scarves.

Elin's vest fabric/Bonnie's yarn/Barb's sweater in progress/and Jan's tee shirt rug
Here is a happy birthday shout out to two good friends, whose birthdays are next week. The above mentioned Barb and my Seattle (lurking) bud, Nance. Kick up your heels and whatever you do, don't act your age...



Saturday, July 26, 2014

Artspire in LaCrosse

Early June found fellow weaver Kathy of Riverweave Studio and I sharing a booth at Artspire in LaCrosse, Wi

Friday night kicked off with the unveiling of La Crosse’s newest art piece, The Trompe l’oeil Mural by nationally-known artist, John Pugh. This is on the west wall of the Pump House.

With 5 different stages of music, performers and storytellers, there was a lot going on. This was such a fun event that I will look forward to doing it again next year and it was even more fun to share a booth with my talented friend Kathy.

Our booth
Mural painted by John Pugh

Kathy's vests scarves and table runners

Painter Ken Deward