Thursday, April 17, 2014


The weavers group gathered at my house this month.  I generally don't have the group at my house in the winter because my driveway can be a snowy icy white knuckle adventure.  So mid April should be good, right?  Well when I woke up to 4 inches of fresh new snow I pretty much just rolled over and decided to pretend it wasn't there.  Fortunately these women are a hearty bunch and we managed to eat and laugh our way through what sure looked like winter outside.  
As always projects magically appear from everyone's baskets and bags.  It is fun to see everyone’s creative journey. And although it is obvious that we inspire each other, it seems that everyone takes that inspiration down  a different path. 
Barb's rep weave rug, from the book Custom Woven Interiors by Kelly Marshall was too beautiful for words.  It was too beautiful to walk on, however Molly, my dog, thought it should be hers.

Barb's rep weave
Anna's sweater to be

Denise's double weave fabric and woolen twill scarves

My recently finished handspun and knit shawl

Susan's scarves getting the oh's and ah's they deserve

A burden basket Barb brought back from Santa Fe.  The jingles are to keep snakes at bay.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

looking for spring

In a where's waldo kind of  a way my daughter and I wanted a road trip, partly to get out of Dodge and partly to find some unfrozen signs of spring.  Since I had to take her back to school in Appleton we decided to continue east and stay overnight in Door County.  I could really use some waves crashing, beach stone hunting, peace of mind therapy.  Since our snows at home have almost melted and I have actually had 2, throw the doors and windows open, kind of days, I thought my visions of walking along a rocky beach were logical.  Even looking at the White Gull Inn's website and seeing their "ha, ha" it just snowed 6 inches didn't seem to sink in.  It wasn't until we were driving up past Sturgeon Bay and the whole friggin bay was solid ice did I truely realize that spring was going to be harder to find here than at home.  To even get over the drifts to the "not waters" edge, we would have needed  snowshoes.  So screw that, we fell back to plan B, which apparently was to ignore the snow and find some fun places to eat.  (And by the way, I did not find the 5 foot, cheerily lit snow cave by the entrance to our hotel to be amusing at all.)
Our evening meal was at The Wild Tomato in Ephraim, WI, fun in a cute guy throwing pizza dough and yummy pizza kind of way.  And then, my main goal of going to breakfast the next day at the White Gull Inn for their award winning, cherry stuffed french toast. Thinking that my mission was complete, we hit a couple of token galleries and then knowing I had a 6 hour plus drive home we headed back to Appleton but decided to drive back on the quieter side of the peninsula.  And what did I see that  had me jumping up and down in my seat, was the most astonishing turquoise blue water as far as the eye could see.  I jumped out as soon as I could, camera in hand, still ignoring that blasted  snow everywhere.  Rachel did lots of eye rolling but managed to keep her mouth shut while I communed with the lake.
I have never remembered Lake Superior being such a Caribbean blue and with lots of imagination the snow looked just like windblown sand.  Another stop at Cave Point, with lots more pictures and soaking in the sounds of the lake, I felt justified that although my search for spring had failed, I was gifted that surreal blue lake vista.  Just enough renewal of mind to make it through whatever April in Wi has in store for us.  I am not getting the long underwear out again for a long long time!
creepy clown building

at the White Gull Inn
light from god

The Wild Onion
the not so amusing snow cave outside our hotel

frozen tundra
My pretend Caribbean vacation

really big ice cubes

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

spring gathering

What with the weather one minute having me cheer the robins and the start of spring and the next getting my longjohns back out for a 10 degree F morning walk, I was very thankful for our weavers gathering at my friend Carole's house.
I don't know of a home that more reflects the artful, family centered, natural lifestyle that permeates this home.  A large part of that is due to the nurturing that Carole brings to her family, in everything that she does.  From the healthy and vital food, often preserved from her incredible gardens, to the beauty that fills her home inside and out, it is a respite from a world moving too fast and sometimes, as we see in the recent headlines, too violently.
What she has given her kids is something to be looked back on and cherished: once they realize what a  special place they grew up in. I can't think of a better base to build on, as they make their own marks on the world.
As always with this group of women...I am inspired.  We even sang a joyful song or two.  Thanks Amy for sharing your passion for song.  Song, food, friends and fiber;  hard to leave without a smile on your face:)
Kris's needlefelted doll looks pretty pleased with herself on my wool/alpaca pinwheel scarf

Susan's fabric and new handwoven pouches

Spring at Carole's

Judith's beautiful fabric, Elin's in her naturally dyed sweater and Olga's handpainted silk scarf

Elin's rayon scarves
our youngest fiber lady, CiCi, knitting a cowl and her felted purse made by her friend.  Good to see the fiber arts going strong in the younger generation.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

gathering at Barb's

Our monthly gathering of weavers and fiber lovers met at Barb's this month.  I am posting this late enough, that I have forgotten who brought what and just know it was a joyful day with lots of great food and piles of fabric to keep me inspired.
 I am always struck by the fact that when the fiber treasures start coming out of bags and baskets, my pictures almost always have an assortment of hands, touching and fondling the fabric.  We are a tactile bunch and our artists hands, are as fascinating and beautiful as our fibers.

linzer torte

artists hands
Kathy's scarf
Barb's rep weave to be, from the book Custom Woven Interiors by Kelly Marshall


Barb's sweater from the book Poetry in Stitches

Monday, February 3, 2014

my black + white world

Alpaca/and handspun wool woven cowl on the loom
Resistance shawl that I knit for my daughter/ I'm hoping to borrow it...

Sidie Hollow

alpaca woven twill cowl with Jul closure

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2nd monday at Kathy's

Happy to be out..happy to be out...happy. I think that was the general consensus when our group of weavers gathered at Kathy's house in LaCrosse. Nothing like a little cabin fever with too many days of sub, sub zero temps; to make for a joyful, glad to have friends, lets eat all of this great food, oh and talk a bit about weaving; outing.  Smile
Thanks Kathy for sharing your sweet house with us, and as always I go home inspired to get creative.

Tea towels I had printed from my moms recipe cards at Spoonflower
Susan brought some samples of Japanese weavings

Kathy's krokbragd sample and sculptures by Amy Arnold

prairie grass rep weave by Kathy

Quince and co yarns Barb is using for the sweater above

spa cloth and scarf by Susan of Avalanche Looms

lucky Jean gets to knit for grandbabies