Thursday, April 23, 2015

spring gathering, spring joy

As expected when I decided to invite the weavers to my house for our April get together, there was a threat of snow overnight. If you know my driveway, you don't invite friends over when it might be snow covered; and have them remain friends. However all turned out well and it even warmed up enough to drag our chairs onto the porch and do some sun basking along with some eagle watching. News flash: we climbed the hill the other day to see the nest a bit closer and this year we actually saw some chicks. Oh glorious day! I am very proud for my eagle parents. They have been diligently siting on the nest since mid February.

Rachel was brave enough to join us for a refresher spinning attempt after having taken my beginner spinning class at our fall fiber fest. And I am happy to say that yarn was created! I hope that she is able to join us again.

There was so much good food and merriment in abundance that I forgot to take very many pictures. I did get one of my Apple Cake (recipe from The Smitten Kitchen), while it was in the pan cause I had little faith in it actually coming out of the pan. It did and was pretty tasty. Her cookbook has been inspiring some fun eating, although the popcorn cookies got mixed reviews from my family. It seemed genius to me also that two of my favorite snacks would be even better as one.

All in all life is good. A temporarily clean house, another white warp on the loom (got to get off this white kick), three looms with something on them ( not saying that the boundweave has been on the Glimakra for at least a year) and eagles drifting on the sweet smelling spring breezes. Ahhh...
Bald eagle

Mississippi river,  ice free and beautiful

Magnolia tree just starting to bloom
Denise's twill weaving's, Kris's needle felted guy and my apple cake

the last prom...bittersweet
Winter Birches scarf in linen, silk,alpaca and cotton with bamboo inlay
Popcorn cookies...good in theory

Thursday, March 26, 2015

gathering at Anna's

February's weavers group met at knitter/seamstress/designer; Anna's home in Viroqua. I found it challenging making it past the porch that was filled with her potter husbands wares on display. The whole house was filled with art and pottery and Anna's lovely ascetic. I so love the homes of artists, the walls practically sing with creativity. Barb's rep weave rug looked right at home there. It should probably visit my house too.

Thanks Anna and Greg for letting us fill your home with our sometimes raucous laughter and obvious joy in being able to gather as friends with similar interests. We are fortunate.

Barb's rep weave with Judith's bottomless basket
Greg's pottery studio

This selfie picture cracks me up. We all crammed into Anna's studio. I am the one in the back documenting the picture of us taking the picture.
Barb's rep weave looks right at home here
Knitwear on display

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day at Sylvan Meadows

Our February weavers group met at fellow fiber artist, Virginia's shop; Sylvan Meadows on Main Street in Viroqua, WI. It was a warm and inviting place for our ever expanding group to spread out in, surrounded by lots of fiber and the scent of her lovely handmade soaps. I loved that that a few people brought their spinning wheels. There is something very powerful and bonding in a group of woman being productive and creative along with the more social aspects of our group. All in all, just a good day.

Kris's needle felted bald eagle. A true work of art.
Bonnie's very beautiful rug. Can it really be her first?
Denise's twill scarf
My new Akerworks 3D printed bobbins/ my hand dyed silk hankies/ Nan's  Habu silk/ stainless steel scarf

Denise's cowl

Now, that is what I call a bag

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

playing with images

Viva Gallery is an artists cooperative that I am proud to be a member of, and we recently featured a group show, where we each took home an 8x8 canvas, to go all arty on. Now for the painters, this was not such a "think outside of the box" kind of challenge but as a weaver and sometime jeweler, it was a little bit a stretch.

Since I had of course waited until the last minute, a tapestry image was not going to happen. I have had a chicken laying an egg, tapestry in the works for about 10 years now. So scratch that.

I have always liked the idea of finding a way to combine fiber with one of my other passions, ie; glass or photography. That led to the slippery slope of learning about image transfer so I could print one of my favorite images onto fabric and then include that in a weaving that looks like birch bark, partly because of a cool Habu yarn called Aresco cotton.  So I choose a tree image but also printed a bunch of my other favorites to play with later.

For the transfer I choose to use a method where a gel medium is layered on the fabric and using your image; that has been ink jet printed onto a transparency paper, you burnish it onto the fabric. While this did work. I didn't like that the image was not as darkly black as my moo cards, that I had printed up for hang tags. Long story short, after many trials, I ended up sewing my moo card image to my weaving. Oh well. The show must go on...However I have not given up on the idea of image transfers being used in my weaving.

Using an app called Paper to sketch out ideas for my square

trying out the printed fabric image and not liking it
printed images on fabric on the left and images still on the clear transfer paper to the right
Images laid out on the gel before burnishing
Some of the finished squares

Sunday, January 25, 2015

2nd Monday weavers

Our weavers gathering for January was a rather large group , hosted at fellow weavers, Katherine's lovely restored farmhouse.

My weaving contribution was the final bamboo m's and o's scarves off the loom, leaving me only a few days to weave something for a group show at Viva Gallery. My idea for an image transfer onto a weaving that looked like birch bark was only partially successful. It was lots of fun to think of my weaving in an "out of the box" kind of way. My next post will be about this weaving.

Judging from the amount of work that I photographed at this gathering, not everyone was suffering from the same, post traumatic Christmas syndrome; that I was. I should be over it any time now. There were so many projects flying about, I am lucky if I saw half of them. Thanks Kathleen and Bob, for hosting our gaggle of weavers. It is funny though, how the husbands and sometimes the dogs disappear into the nether regions of the house, while we are there. Appearing briefly to do their outdoor chores, dog in tow. I am thinking that en masse, we are a bit fiber fanatical to seem entirely "safe" to those not similarity afflicted.

Wall hangings by ELIN using linen, cotton, prairie grass,beads and a photo/ my birch bark 8x8 weaving

Beautiful needle felted barn owl by Kris
Pomegranate pear salsa, maple syrup pie and a lovely cake that for some reason looks fiberyish to me

Barb B's overshot, both on the same threading/ Barb M's shadow weave/ rigid heedle plaid by Barb B/ potholder by Susan on Elin's rug and monks belt? Scarf by Denise
Barb B's felt bag full of weaving. Great idea for a bag with interchangeable woven panels

My bamboo M's and O's scarf



Friday, December 12, 2014

neither rain nor snow...

So, although it was a small and perhaps foolhardy group to brave the icy road conditions, we sure had a good time at our December weavers gathering. Bonnie's home was so warm and inviting, it was a pleasure to sit by the fire on such a dreary day.
We met a new weaver; Barb who drove all the way from Wauzeka. She pulled one beautiful weaving project after another out of her felted bag, ala Hermoine. The one that really took my breath away was a bamboo/tencel overshot table runner in warm fall colors. I don't know why I think that I don't like overshot. Guess I have always had it in my head that it is too "old lady"; disregarding the fact that I fit squarely in the old lady category. Now I am excited to give it a try.  The same for crackle weave after seeing how beautiful Judith's sampler yardage turned out. So, bravo ladies for turning what could have been a gloomy day at home, into a day of fiber inspiration and extremely well fed tummies.
Lamb brats/ homemade bread and springerle cookies= YUM

Barb's overshot table runner/shawl and triangle wool plaid shawl

Bonnie's wool sweater and fleeces

one of Susan's pillows/ one of Elins  iridescent scarves of hand dyed rayon warp/ Judiths crackle weave

Judiths crackle weave and her knitted vest/ my bamboo M's and O's scarves with my new hang tags.