Saturday, November 2, 2013


 Octobers weavers gathering was at my house last month.  As always we are equal amounts fiber and food; mixed with friends, and that is about all I can say about that.

Barb's mittens
Our table is always a mixture of food and fiber

Susans' scarf

Denise is having a mini garage sale

Michelle is making books using recycled papers

and some fun covers

This doubleknit scarf was made by my daughter who has only knit one other scarf. It is elvish script, and is the inscription from the inside of the ring from Lord of the Rings. Yep she is a geeky kid.  I forgot to show this off to the group, so here it is.


MegWeaves said...

What lovely colors you surround yourself with. I'm envious. And I love the Elvish scarf; I live in the town that made the rings for the films.

Hilary said...

I loved this post, loved the pictures.....wish I lived closer, I would love to be a part of your weavers' group.
the little girls note about what a grandmother is threw me into a fit of laughter.
I am ALWAYS telling my granddaughters what their mothers did.

Fiber Farm Tour said...

Your pics are always so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. What fun everyone has! Beautiful weavings and knitting!

kindred threads said...

Thanks for the compliments you guys, wish you all could stop in for a cup of coffee you would love our laughter filled conversations.
Meg I will tell my daughter of your comment, she will be thrilled. She attends college in Madison, Wi and people offer to buy it from her when she wears it. I told her it is priceless.

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

"one ring to bind them"- love love love the scarf. I too would really enjoy the get togethers your talented group has, the fiber and food always look so wonderful.

Diane in Oregon said...

Beautiful photos! Love the cornfield - I can almost smell the Midwest in the fall!